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Overwatch Ranked Play, Matchmaking, Hero Bans Discussed by Blizzard

The community has been trying to know all the details about how Overwatch ranked play and matchmaking is going to work, but we are not quite there at the final product. At least in the case of ranked play, this is because the developers are still designing it.

However Jeff Kaplan, the game director took to the official forums of the game to talk about some aspects of matchmaking. For instance, a number of the fans have asked for hero bans and map bans to be added to the game just like MOBAs and RTS games.

In his reply to that, Kaplan insisted that although it is “a problem [they] need to work on solving,” it would be a “huge leap” to simply allow bans from both sides. He said that they are not a big fan of map and hero bans:

Even though Overwatch has some similarities and attracts fans from other genres, we really feel like the game is unique in its own way. The reason to add banning of maps or heroes is to solve a specific problem and even then if that’s the only way that problem can be solved.

Other than that, a new developer video was released where Overwatch ranked play, matchmaking, queues and other related issues were discussed. We have added the video above for you, but keep in mind that Blizzard is not yet giving us specifics, they are only discussing what ranked play and queues could look like.

Other issues discussed included what they are doing to improve server connection for players.

Check out the video above and tell us if you like the way Overwatch ranked play seems to be going.