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New FIFA 17 Leagues Wanted by Fans May Surprise You

A poll has been taken to see what new FIFA 17 leagues the fans would like the see. The results have provided an interesting result.

The vote itself takes place on FIFPlay, though it is Techblastr who has posted the result which have been released for March 1:

  1. Turkish PTT League – 381,542
  2. Israeli League – 381,503
  3. German 3rd League – 280,858
  4. Hungarian League – 77,792
  5. Spanish 3rd League – 77,670
  6. Guatemala League – 58,801
  7. Egyptian League – 52,143
  8. Romanian League – 47,912
  9. Mexican 2nd League – 46,037
  10. Brazilian League – 40,628

The Turkish PTT League is the second division football league for the country and is also known as PTT 1. Lig. This would mean, if added as one of the new FIFA 17 leagues, it would just the Turkish Super Lig which was added in FIFA 15.

The other countries in the top 10 are also interesting, especially the Isreali League which comes in at a very close second position. Germany and Spain feature in the list with their 3rd division, and the Mexican 2nd League also makes an appearance.

It will be interesting to see if FIFA take notice of independent fan polls on the internet when looking at more teams to add to the next game. One step that could be made is for some new FIFA 17 leagues to include women’s football, especially based on last year’s World Cup inclusion. Would that be too much of a change to the way the game works though?

Let us know which new FIFA 17 leagues you want to see in this year’s game in the comments section below.