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Metal Gear Online Cloaked in Silence DLC Dated

Metal Gear Online is getting a new DLC which will bring a playable version of Quiet, access to the new Survival mode, and three maps for just $3.99. If you can pay extra $7.99, you can get emotes to go with it as well.

One of the maps to arrive with Metal Gear Online Cloaked in Silence is Rust Palace. You will remember it from the main game’s Afghanistan. It is where “A Quiet Ending” takes place, one of the final missions of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The second map will take you to Africa, Azure Mountain. Meanwhile, the third is your very own Motherbase.

Coral Complex: A dedicated Motherbase environment, allowing players to access tall towers and use storage containers and other internal areas as cover for tactical advantage. Coral Complex mixes open areas and a myriad of hiding opportunities.
Rust Palace: Set within Afghanistan, the Rust Palace is a large multi-level building. The skeletal nature of the decrepit ruin means that cover is scarce, while the internal areas are rich in dusty rooms and high-up sniping positions.
Azure Mountain: An outdoor plain under Africa’s baking sky. A small cluster of buildings offers scant cover, with only derelict walls and occasional scrubland surrounding the massive rock known locally as the Cradle of Spirits.

Last but not the least there is a new mission called Sabotage, where players would destroy or fulton enemies. The DLC will release on March 15 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC.