If PC is Getting Xbox Games, Should PC Games Come to Xbox One Now?

This is a very interesting question to ask right now. Should PC games come to Xbox One now that many Xbox games are coming to PC? I am sure Xbox gamers would say yes, and I totally agree with them.

Microsoft is pushing Xbox and Windows 10 as a unified gaming platform. Just now we reported that Xbox exclusive Forza MotorSport 6 is coming to PC. Dubbed as Forza MotorSport 6: Apex, the game is a “slimmed down” version of its Xbox One counterpart.

It will be made available for free this Spring to Windows 10 users.

The news came just a couple of weeks after the announcement of Quantum Break PC. It was another major Xbox One exclusive that is now coming to PC. We are also hearing rumors of Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4 on Windows 10.

Forza Horizon 6: Apex was shown during an event in San-Francisco and it is claimed that every single Xbox game present had a PC variant.

Now, like I said, Xbox and Windows are being pushed as a unified platform. So it is only logical to bring PC games to Xbox One. Porting shouldn’t be a problem as both machines share pretty much the same architecture. Xbox One can run PC games at a playable frame-rate.

But things aren’t as simple as porting a game to PC.

Microsoft has some control over third party Xbox One exclusives and full authority over first-party Xbox One games. However, in the case of PC, Microsoft has no say and it totally depends on the developer if he wishes to release a console version of the game.

In many cases, they won’t because lots of devs prefer to work on PC only and have designed their game from the ground-up for this platform.

We can take the example of Dota2 and League of Legends, I don’t see these games coming to console ever. Even with Xbox One keyboard support around the corner, it is highly unlikely.

Another example is Star Citizen.

On the other hand, games like Black Desert Online, Survarium, Dreadnought, LawBreakers etc have a good chance of coming to Xbox One, and Microsoft should try to bring these games to their platform.

What do you think? Should PC games come to Xbox One? Share your views down below.