HTC Vive Preorders Touched 15K in 10 Minutes, Not Sold Out Yet

As promised some days ago, Valve started the HTC Vive preorders a couple of hours ago and despite the surprising price tag (even more surprising than Oculus Rift?) of $800 and you won’t believe how much it is selling.

Just in the first 10 minutes after Valve started taking preorders, as many as 15000 units of the head-mounted virtual reality device had been sold.

Shen Ye of HTC, who has been working on the Vive took to his Twitter profile and revealed that the number of HTC Vive preorders had blown over the expectations.

We do believe that this number should go up by a multifold in the coming weeks in order for the product and its price to be actually considered accepted by the community. This is because at the moment people are just rushing into ordering the headset – most of these people are those who have the financial capacity to spend whatever they have to ona device they want.

However, the entire consumer base is not comprised of buyers like these and the ordinary VR enthusiast will decide how much can HTC and Valve sell for that price.

That being said, if you are comparing this with the stockouts of Oculus Rift that came in just 14 minutes after their preorders went live, we have good news for you. HTC Vive preorders are still being taken – at least that was the last update from their official Twitter.

There is nothing to worry about even if you have stumbled across a message on the store telling you that the product is out of stock, Valve says that is a bug and you should refresh the page once or twice to place your HTC Vive preorders successfully.

What do you make of the $800 price tag?