HTC Vive Australian Price is Over $1,400

HTC VIVE is already a ridiculously priced VR device but if you in Australia things way worse for you. HTC VIVE will cost you over $1,400 in the region. To be exact, HTC Vive Australian Price is $1,416 including shipping.

For now, HTC VIVE is the most expensive VR device in the market, taking the crown from Facebook’s Oculus Rift. PlayStation VR isn’t priced yet so we can’t say anything about it yet. Rift on the other hands costs $600 in the U.S.

International pricing is as follows:

  • US
    US $799
  • Canada
    CAD 1149
  • China
    CNY 6,888
  • Taiwan
  • Japan
    JPY 111,999
  • UK
  • New Zealand
  • EU
    € 899.00

Head over here to order an HTC VIVE is have deep enough pockets.

Via: TechFrag