Far Cry Primal PC Version is Being Bashed on Steam, It’s an “Error” Story

Far Cry Primal PC version finally released today i.e. March 1 but guess what, about half of the people who bought it are pissed at the state the game is in. If you take some time out to check the game’s Steam page, you might even back off from buying it until some fixes are made.

Now we are not saying that everyone thinks that the game is in a crappy condition, there are some players who have praised it performance-wise, but those positive reviews are assuredly outnumbered.

It seems there are tons of errors that people are getting right after they start up the game. Players are even calling it things like “Ubisoft Error Message Simulator 2016,” or the “most expensive error code i’ve paid for yet.”

The Error 88500014 is one of the most common occurring issue that doesn’t even let the person start the game.

This is just the start of it, there are a number of people who are saying that they are running the Far Cry Primal PC version on ultra settings and still getting graphics that are worse than the screenshots Ubisoft used to market the game.

Moving on, a large number of people are saying that even if they have been able to load it, the game keeps freezing or crashing again and again or stays laggy.

We are not sure what was going on in the minds of the developers when they figured it was in a good enough state to release it, but if so many people are having problems with the Far Cry Primal PC version it will take us some time before we can recommend it.

Source, Steam.