Dark Souls 3 Gameplay Footage has a Bloodborne Tinge To It

Today is the day that everybody who has tried Dark Souls 3 gets to show off their previews. More importantly we get to see some new Dark Souls 3 gameplay footage.

In this video, which we picked because it is based on unedited footage we get to see how Dark Souls 3 will look and how it plays. Not surprisingly it has a certain feel of Bloodborne to it, and this is not a bad thing.

What it also has, which is more important is the Dark Souls 3 to it. Everything wants you dead and is doing a good job of making sure that happens. The question has to be though, what balance between Bloodborne and Dark Souls is at work?

For me, this isn’t going to be an issue, but it will be interesting to see what Dark Souls purists think of this new style. Their opinions will come after playing the game of course, but looking at this video is this the Dark Souls 3 gameplay footage you want to see?

Having spent hours on both the Dark Souls games and Bloodborne, there is more than a feeling of the PlayStation 4 game in what I see. There are also elements that fit the graphical style of that game more than Dark Souls. What we have to remember though is that this is the first true current generation Dark Souls game.

The real feel of Dark Souls 3 will come as people get deeper into the game and can form an impression from what is revealed. This will come after release, so for now we’ll have to wait.

What are your thoughts on the Dark Souls 3 gameplay footage you’ve seen so far? Let us know in the comments section below.