Building the Far Cry Primal Stone Age Fantasy

If like me, you’ll have spent hours already exploring the land of Oros and loved the level of detail. What does it take to create the Far Cry Primal stone age fantasy?

This question is answered in a new interview on Ubisoft’s Blog with concept artist Naomi Savoie. In it she reveals that the first real inspiration was real life:

“our biggest source of inspiration was actually real life. So we did a lot of anthropological research, and had consultants come in and help us understand a bit more about the Stone Age. Once we had all that reference material, we started doing work and defining the look of each of the tribes.”

Onto that, they then add the tribes which inhabit the world:

“We knew, at that point, that we wanted three distinct tribes, and we did a lot of work in making their visual language very unique. For example, the Wenja, they’re very connected with nature, they believe everything has a spirit. So they wear a lot of animal pelts, and they have grounded, earthy tones in what they wear. Then you have the Udam, who are the most primitive of the three. They’re very big brutes, and they’re very chaotic in what they wear. They wear a lot of bone, and it’s very chaotically put together. And finally you have the Izila, who are the most advanced and sedentary tribe, and they’ve started doing religion. They have more technology, so they’re able to craft these beautiful stone masks, and they wear blue paint. They all have a very unique visual style.”

So when creating the Far Cry Primal stone age fantasy, reality is important. This is especially the case when people are looking for things that feel out of place in the Stone Age, like dinosaurs.

On the question of there being no dinosaurs, she reveals there were many questions about their inclusion:

“We think the mammoths and the sabretooths are very intimidating beasts, and because we wanted to make the setting plausible, dinosaurs don’t have a place in it. It just fits the fantasy, so for me it’s not a question. So it’s not very frustrating.”

Would you have liked to have seen dinosaurs in the Far Cry Primal stone age fantasy world? Let us know in the comments section below.