Watch Solo Destiny Player Defeating Hard Crota and Hear his Relief on Completion

Want to see a solo Destiny player defeating Hard Crota? He manages to do this while enraged, with no guns and 1 kneel kill. If you are confused by that, then watch the video.

One thing that players of Destiny will know is that the hardest challenges can take a long time. In the Reddit that accompanies the video he reveals that it took over 40 hours to do it, and you can hear the relief in his voice as he finally reaches his goal.

This is one of the things that is most impressive about Destiny, the fact that people can set themselves challenges and are willing to spend so long online to do it. It also shows some of the issues with the game, the amount of time can put people off.

He goes into much more detail about the attempt, but his introduction gives a good idea about how good he feels after this attempt:

“I don’t think a lot of people will ever fully appreciate the difficulty of this run, unless you came along for the 40+ hour ride on twitch. The timing is absolutely impeccable and the RNG/luck is unpredictable. And the worst thing of all: every time one little mistake was made, I had to wait 10 MINUTES until another attempt could even be made!!!!! This was a horrible, horrible, evil thing to do haha.”

Watching the video as a Destiny player, I recognise the craziness that can take place during a solo attempt but this is at a whole new level. When you see the amount of damage done to Crota it almost makes you want to go back to the game.

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