Uncharted 4 Story Saw Major Changes After Amy Henning Left

Uncharted 4 is only a couple of months away from release but did you know that its story isn’t what it was originally suppose to be? In fact, the story changed 100% after former director Amy Hennings left.

Back in 2014, Amy Hennings and Justin Richmond suddenly left Naughty Dog to work with Visceral and Riot respectively. After their departure, 8 months of work went down the drain and the story had to be reconstructed. Neil Druckmann revealed in an interview that Uncharted 4 story changed “100%.”

Bruce Straley said in the same interview:

This is the biggest, most ambitious ‘Uncharted’ — let alone game — that Naughty Dog has ever endeavored to take on. We want to do this justice. We want it to be a mind-blowing, eye-popping, sweaty-palms adventure. Everybody is bleeding out of their eye sockets to make it come together. We want to make sure Drake is sent off properly.

Specifics about the changes aren’t mentioned but we can imagine how deeply the project would have been affected after Amy and Justin’s departure.

It is admirable how Neil Druckmann team Naughty Dog handled the project without these two veterans. Uncharted 4 is now heading to PlayStation 4 on April 26. Meanwhile, Amy Hennings is working on Star Wars game for EA.

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