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Uncharted 4 Open Beta is Happening This Week in UK, NA not Yet Confirmed

[Update] The page leading to the reveal of the beta seems to be inaccessible for now so it could very well be a mistake. We are awaiting official response.

If you were invited to Uncharted 4’s closed multiplayer beta back in December of last year, you’ll have another chance to swing from lampposts and call in help from computer characters when the game has another multiplayer beta test this weekend, from March 4 to March 6.

Uncharted 4 open Beta will pit players against each other in Team Deathmatch on three locations from the game’s story mode and, unlike December’s beta, this one is open to everyone.

Get a taste of the Uncharted 4 multiplayer action ahead of Nathan Drake’s upcoming adventure, exclusive to PlayStation 4. During the Open Weekend, which runs from 17:00GMT 4 March and finishes on 6 March, you’re invited to play team deathmatch on three maps based on stunning locations from the single player campaign.”

The announcement actually comes in contrast to an announcement by Naughty Dog’s studio director of communications Arne Meyer, who said that after the December beta that Naughty Dog had no plans for an open multiplayer beta.

This appears to have changed after Naughty Dog moved the game’s release date back from March 18 to April 26.

However, the announcement for the beta is only, for the moment, exclusive to Europe (though an announcement for North America is said to come tomorrow). Since Uncharted 4 will release April 26, there’s likely plenty of time for Playstation to do betas in every region, in order to deal with server load and a number of other issues that might pop up during play before the game’s official launch in two months.

The client needed to play the beta will be a 9.6-gigabyte download, and will be available in 1080p resolution for Playstation 4 players. It will launch at 1700 GMT (five o’clock PM in more conventional time-telling) and will be available from Friday to Sunday.