The Division NVIDIA GameWorks Trailer Shows off PC Graphics

We may have already seen the 60 FPS trailer that shows off PC graphics for the game, but now we have The Division NVIDIA GameWorks Trailer. This shows what new technology has been put to use in the game.

In the new trailer, Anders Holmquist, the Technical Director on The Division gives a preview of how good the game will work on a top NVIDIA graphics card with all of the GameWorks options turned on. While we won’t all get to experience this quality it is still impressive to see.

With the usual buzzwords such as HBAO+ and PCSS working their way into the trailer, this is about showing off how pretty the game will be on the PC. This is another move to prove to gamers that the PC version was not held back to keep it in check with the console version. I’m sure The Division NVIDIA Gameworks trailer goes some way to show that.

With the game coming out March 8, there is just over a week away to the release and all of the Beta testing has been complete. Now we just have to see the game finally get its release, with the full sized map, and hopefully have it perform well when put under strain.

It will be interesting to see how well the game sells when released, and which platform performs the best. Will the Xbox One have the edge because of its early access to DLC? Or will the PlayStation 4 still prove to be the more popular console version of choice? If the PC version isn’t plagued by problems and cheating, it could have a chance at being the surprise winner.

Which platform will you be playing The Division on? Were you impressed by The Division NVIDIA Gameworks trailer? Let us know in the comments section below.