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The Division Map is Six Times Larger Than the Beta

In case you were wondering how much of the in-game world was shown to you in The Division map that was unlocked at the time of the beta, we have good news for you. When the game releases, the final map size is going to be a good six times as much as what you got in the testing phase.

One maths-friendly Reddit user has been doing the calculations thanks to which it has been revealed that the map you got in the beta phase was less than 20 percent of the actual size.

In other words, the game will give you exactly 6.04 time bigger map. However, this includes the size of the Dark Zone in the beta as well as the final game, and if you wish to stroll around and not in the Dark Zone, you are looking at a 7.74 time larger map than the beta without Dark Zone.

Talking of the Dark Zone portion of The Division map, the one you will get in the final game is going to be a major three times larger than the one there was in the beta.

This is a pretty expansive map, won’t you say? We have added below a photo that was shared by the aforementioned fan as well that you can check it out yourself.

The Division map

Before this, there have been comparisons of the map size with Los Santos from GTA 5 too, you can check that out in this video we have covered, or see how much of a difference there is in the size of the Dark Zone and the entirety of The Divsion map.