Street Fighter V Sexy Ryu Time, Are You Prepared for This?

The Internet can be a strange but awesome place at times, as this new Street Fighter V mod proves. Prepare for the battle to get some Street Fighter V Sexy Ryu Time.

Street Fighter V has had its controversies, which includes R. Mika’s butt slap which Capcom chose to remove. Whether this move was correct or not is up for debate, but it soon found its way back in with a mod.

Perhaps in a way to balance things out, R. Mika’s moveset has been modded to Ryu in his shirtless variation and the results are surprisingly impressive. As you can see from the gif below (sourced from the

">YouTube description), Ryu appears to be enjoying himself. It is fair to say that the YouTuber, Tommy has put together a good video.


What is equally impressive is that during Street Fighter V Sexy Ryu Time Ken shows up to replace Yamato Nadeshiko as his tag partner. He also appears during the special moves which include the squashing the opponents head between their butts.

After watching the video, hopefully nobody takes it too seriously and gets annoyed by it. This is something that does tend to happen when a character’s sex is messed with in games (or movies). Let’s just enjoy it for what it is, Ryu getting in touch with his sexy side and getting in on some of the action. Looking at the video, it looks like he is enjoying the new moveset.

What are your thoughts on Street Fighter V Sexy Ryu Time? Let us know in the comments section below.