Rumor: NX is Like “Samsung and Nintendo 2DS” Had a Baby, Specs Similar to Xbox One

Nintendo NX is currently the topic of hot debate over the internet. Every day a rumor comes forward that paints a unique picture of NX and how Nintendo intends to handle it.

Now according to a new report from Geno, the person behind plenty of other Nintendo leaks and is considered a credible source, Nintendo NX is similar to Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Work on the machine started back in 2014 and internally is considered the last project of late Satoru Iwata, ex-Nintendo President. Employees are creating a forward momentum that will help push NX over the line.

Features wise, it is claimed that Nintendo NX will come with a wireless HDMI dongle that is attached at the back of this device. It can be inserted into any device with a normal sized HDMI slot. The device uses an evolved version of the Wii U’s streaming tech to display HD content on a TV screen.

The analog controls of NX contain small motors inside that will pull back the sticks depending on the situation in-game. For example, if your character runs into a wall the stick will automatically pull back to simulate running head first into a wall.

It can sync will any bluetooth device especially smartphones. You can receive phone calls and display your texts on screen.

I have been saying in the past that NX needs a similar architecture to PS4 and Xbox One, it needs to learn from its rivals. I received plenty of hate for saying that but it looks like Nintendo is changing its ways finally.

Developing games for Wii U was a pain and NX can’t afford to make the same mistake. It looks like Nintendo feels the same and going for parity in terms of hardware architecture.

NX’s architecture will make it easy for devs to run any game of PS4 and Xbox One on Wii U without making drastic changes to the original code. One NX dev went on to say that “It’s the easiest device we’ve ever developed for. You just take your code, compile it and it works.”

NX is like Samsung and Nintendo 2DS had a baby, a different anonymous devs described. The strength of the device is the ease of use and functionality. It runs an operating system called NintendOS that apparently features some of the best modern features.

Source: Dualpixels