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Conker is Coming to HoloLens, Fortune Breaks Embargo

When did we last saw Conker? I think it was with Rare Replay when they released Conker’s Bad Fur Day on Xbox One. Now it looks like another Conker game is being developed and this time it is a proper new installment.

The news came from Fortune who ran a story earlier and apparently broke an embargo. The story was later removed but was picked up by reddit before that happened.

In their article, they mentioned that a game called Young Conker is coming to HoloLens. The game is being developed by Asobo Studios who worked with Microsoft on Fragments.

Young Conker changes itself depending on the environment players are playing in.

This means every person gets a unique gameplay experience, since each gamer’s real world environment is unique. It is amazing how different the play experience feels based on playing the game in your living room versus your kitchen or your bedroom. Even starting the game from a different position in a single room creates an entirely new gameplay dynamic.

Conker was a Rare game and now that Microsoft owns everything Rare it can bring Conker back to the limelight. But you have to ask, there are many other great properties, why bring this specific game back? Well, at least fans of the game will be really happy if they are planning to buy HoloLens in the future.