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Battlefield Hardline goes to Alcatraz in Behind the Scenes Look

In preparation for the next DLC, Battlefield Hardline goes to Alcatraz in the latest behind the scenes video for Betrayal. This also reveals that the showers from the famous scene in The Rock have been added.

In the new video showcasing the Alcatraz level in the new Battlefield Hardline Betrayal DLC, they look at what they had to do to bring the map to life. This included taking a trip to Alcatraz and taking pictures of it in its current state.

Interestingly it also notes that is construction work taking place on the island which has been included on the map. What this does is bring the map bang up to date, though don’t worry for the history buffs, there shouldn’t be changes to the prison as it has always been known.

While there is a famous scene in The Rock which featured a shower room, they state this actual room isn’t in the prison. Good news for the film fans though, this has been added into the map so that the shootout can be recreated, for the budding Nicholas Cages out there.

The Battlefield Hardline Betrayal DLC not only goes to Alcatraz, but also includes maps called Chinatown, Cemetery, and Thin Ice. For those looking for new weapons it also adds 18, including a shovel, Inquisition Sword, and a selection of knives. This is sure to bring some inventiveness to the battles taking place on the maps.

Are you looking forward to when Battlefield Hardline goes to Alcatraz? Or have other maps caught your eye? Let us know in the comments section below.