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15 Dark Souls 3 Bosses Revealed Through the OST!

A trailer from a couple of days ago had shown us glimpses of a at least one of the Dark Souls 3 bosses, but there is a lot more to know about these alpha foes. While we don’t have any visuals for you, we do have a list of as many as 15 of the bosses that the game is going to have.

Before we head on, let us warn you that this article is not for you if you are one of those guys who want to keep all the surprises intact (and those who hate spoilers).

If we are cool with that, here’s the list of bosses that has been revealed through the game’s original soundtrack.

Dark Souls 3 Bosses Revealed

  • Iudex Gundyr
  • Volde, of the Frigid Valley
  • Curse-Rotted Greatwood
  • Crystal Sages
  • Dragons of the Deep
  • Dancer of the Frigid Valley
  • Old Demon King
  • Ozroes the Condemned King
  • Ancient Wyvern
  • Nameless King
  • Abyss Watchers
  • Yhorm, the Giant
  • Aldrich, Devourer of Gods
  • Lothric Elder Prince, Lothric Younger Prince
  • Soul of Cinder

Out of these we are a little doubtful about the actual name of Curse-Rotted Greatwood because Curse-Ridden Greatwood would make more sense. Also, this is the same boss that was shown in the trailer.

If you were a part of the network test, you will also be well acquainted with Dancer of the Frigid Valley; we leave the rest of them for you to discuss and speculate on.

Do keep in mind that these are not all the Dark Souls 3 bosses, there will be more and it is equally likely that the final boss is included or excluded from this list.