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Fired Shanghai Major Host Shares His Side After Being Called an Ass by GabeN

Earlier today, we reported that GabeN has fired Shanghai Major host and productions team. Gabe also went on to say that host James Harding is an ass. We were all waiting to hear James’ side of the story and finally he has shared his side.

He posted a very extensive statement, record of skype conversations, and more. His post is titled “James is an Ass – by James Harding.”

“James is an Ass’ – GabeNewellBellevue

This is a small quote from Gabes statement. But since I work a lot with various other companies, this also highly affects my business reputation. So after Valve asked me to put my statement ‘On Ice’ last night. Which I obviously agreed to do. Since resolving this situation privately would have been a lot more professional for all parties involved.

I am in the mind where I wish to release the most honest statement I can. With history, emotions, facts, more facts and maybe even heroes and villains. guaranteed to be a rollercoaster of a read. complete with spelling errors by your very dyslexic Host.

Disclaimer: I do not know Gabe well, and to my knowledge he does not know me well

His entire statement shows that Valve and GabeN apparently had a problem with his style of hosting. It indicates that matters were personal rather than professional.

Along with James, the entire production team was fired due to incompetence. From what we know about GabeN, he don’t normally react in such a manner so the whole situation is pretty strange and out of the ordinary.

Whoever is at fault, the bottom line is that James is no longer a Shanghai major host nor Perfect World is involved in any way.

Let’s see if GabeN decides to reply to Harding’s statement.

What do you think is going on here? Do you think GabeN overreacted? Let us know of your opinions in the comments below.

Source: James Harding