Rocket League Getting Batman vs. Superman DLC Pack

People that enjoy debating whether Batman or Superman is better now have another avenue to work out their aggression with one another in the form of a Batman vs. Superman downloadable content pack for Rocket League, which will be available on March 8 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The included skins will promote the upcoming film Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, coming to theaters March 25.

The DLC, titled the “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack,” will be on sale in game for $1.99, and will allow players in Rocket League to drive around the playing field with the Batmobile.

The DLC will also include a trio of flags for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, allowing players to declare their allegiance.

Dawn of Justice will focus on the aftermath of the 2013 movie Man of Steel, where Superman is brought to task for the destruction he brought on Metropolis and the Earth in general, while Batman attempts to bring him to justice.

Wonder Woman will also make an appearance, along with Aquaman, played by Gal Gadot and Jason Mamoa, respectively.