Rainbow Six Patriots Director Reveals New Game, The Church in the Darkness

Rainbow Six Patriots will never see the light of day now but its director is bringing us something even more special. Richard Rouse III is now at Paranoid Productions and has revealed his very own game.

The title in question is called “The Church in the Darkness.” The game is set the 1970’s where you’re tasked with infiltrating a South American cult.

Actress Ellen McLain from Portal and husband John Patrick Lowrie who was a part of Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, are going to play the husband-and-wife cult leaders.

Their roles may change if you replay the game.

Speaking with IGN, ex Rainbow Six Patriots director Rouse said:

Isaac & Rebecca are always the same characters on some level, but as you’re playing certain lines of dialog will change depending on their personality in that playthrough.

As you’re infiltrating the town, you’re constantly hearing them talking over the PA system. And in some playthroughs you may hear them get in a fight, because this time Isaac and Rebecca may not agree on the future path for the Mission.

Your character is Vic who is going to infiltrate this cult, Collective Justice Mission. Vic’s nephew also joined Collective Justice Mission and may or may not need to be rescued.

His rescue depends on the tone of your playthrough. Different characters may behave and have different beliefs during each playthrough. The Church in the Darkness sounds like a very complex but unique game.

Rouse also shed some light on the roles of McLain and Lowrie.

For a pair of preachers, a married couple who had been together a while made sense, and I thought how great it would be to have Ellen and John do those parts.

I knew I wanted two leaders to the group, and for them to be pretty different people, but to still be a team, though maybe a team that was on the brink of breaking apart….

Not that they’re breaking apart in real life, but that as people who have been married a while they have a better understanding of how that can happen, and what it feels like

Church in the Darkness will release on PS4.