Pokemon Sun and Moon Features Include New Languages

Today’s Nintendo Direct confirmed what we all knew, in the big reveal. What was interesting was some of the Pokemon Sun and Moon features that were included.

Pokemon Sun and Moon were leaked first by the trademark news, then today the websites for the game appeared, though they didn’t provide any information yet. The only thing we really know though in terms of features are the new language choices.

The new Pokemon Sun and Moon languages are Chinese, simplified and traditional. These add to the usual English, Italian, Spanish, Korean, French, German, and Japanese choices bringing the total to nine.

What makes the language announcement significant is the fact that this is the first time Chinese have been available as a choice for the Pokemon games. It is likely to be a popular move for the many Chinese fans.

Along with these Pokemon Sun and Moon features, we also know that the game is coming 2016. This is of course the 20th anniversary year for the game, and there are plenty of celebrations going on around the games. It looks like the release of this game will be one of the biggest celebrations of them all.

Now that the games have been revealed we are sure to learn much more about the games in the coming months. We may have to wait until E3 though to get some big reveals, unless Nintendo decide to treat us earlier. Only they know when they will be ready to let us in on the secret.

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