GTA Online Rhino Hunt Mode Will be fun, Double XP Announced

Rockstar Studios has added yet more chaos to Grand Theft Auto V’s multiplayer with the addition of a brand new mode, entitled Rhino Hunt.

In GTA Online Rhino Huntf, players inside Rhino tanks will battle against players driving around in nimble dune buggies as the buggy team attempts to wipe out the Rhino team with sticky bombs. The mode’s description has this to say about the game:

“Rhino drivers must utilize the sheer strength and firepower of their tank to survive against the onslaught of sticky bombs thrown in their direction.”

As tanks are tough as nails in GTA and it’s difficult to throw sticky bombs accurately while driving at high speed, the buggy team will have to take advantage of their greater mobility in order to get around the tanks and keep from getting blown to smithereens.

The event, which will also include double experience points and reputation points, will run from today, February 26, to March 3. Players will also be given discounts on various services, such as Ammu-Nation, Warstock Cash and Carry, and Merryweather Services, with ammunition and armor available at a discounted price.

The event will also include the “Till Death Do Us Part” adversary mode and free mode events, giving out double reputation points.

Rockstar hasn’t announced what systems the game modes are on, but it will most likely be available on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. GTA Online Rhino Hunt also comes after Rockstar said that this past week was its best week ever in terms of people playing and revenue from the game.

At the same time, Rockstar’s hints at possible single-player expansions nine months ago have yet to bear any fruit, as instead the developer appears to be focusing exclusively on the game’s multiplayer component.