Grand Theft Auto 5 Meets Star Wars Traitor in New Battle

Grand Theft Auto 5 meets Star Wars Traitor in the latest clip created in the game. Get ready for the cameo at the end.

The new video which you can watch above is a reaction of the popular “Traitor!” scene from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In the scene it saw Finn being confronted by a Storm Trooper who yells the now famous word.

Looking at the video, creator Adam Pinkman has done a good job in recreating the scene and the Storm Trooper’s weapon. What we don’t expect from the scene is the cameo at the end, though it is perfect for Grand Theft Auto 5 and shows the fun of the new video.

We’ve seen Star Wars make its way into Grand Theft Auto 5 before in this epic lightsaber battle which was just as epic, and made me personally want the weapon to become available in the game. Would you enjoy having full of Grand Theft Auto Online jedi battles? I know I would.

Until somebody mods the game (unless they already have) we’ll have videos like the Grand Theft Auto 5 meets Star Wars Traitor that will tease us with what can be done with the editor. It shows how flexible the game engine is, and how inventive the creators can be when they put their mind to it.

What Star Wars scene will we see next in Grand Theft Auto 5? Would you want some original Star Wars, Prequel or new Star Wars scenes? Let us know in the comments section below.