Does Source of Nintendo NX Rumours Removing Videos Mean Anything?

A source of Nintendo NX Rumours removing videos sharing his claims has put them in doubt. While this isn’t proof that his claims were false, it still is a sign that they were merely rumours, though that is no surprise.

Some of these videos were the source of many rumours around the internet at the moment. Gamnesia are reporting that this person known as “SuperMetalDave64” of NintenGen. As usual with videos being removed, or other items of news being taken down, could it be that there was no proof to them or were they forced to take them down?

This of course is the fun of rumours and speculation. While we can guess the reasons for these videos going down, it also calls into question the legitimacy of the Nintendo NX news. When I report many of these speculative reports, I often do make it clear that there is no actual proof in the claims that is made.

Whatever our thoughts on this new, source of Nintendo NX rumours removing videos, and all of the rumours around the console, the fact is we don’t know much. We’ll know the facts when Nintendo are ready to reveal them, and until then “news” will be reported showing what the latest rumours are.

This has been an interesting week around the Nintendo NX as we’ve also had comments around the Nintendo NX dev kits too. If Nintendo are enjoying anything about this, it will be the hype that this is all building around the new console that they are working on.

What are your thoughts on the source of Nintendo NX Rumours removing videos? Let us know in the comments section below.