Developers have ideas for Half Life 3, What Would You Want to See?

We all know that gamers want Half Life 3 to finally arrive, but will it ever? A few developers have ideas for Half Life 3 and what it should be now.

In a recent PC Gamer article a group of well-known developers were asked what they think Half Life 3 would look like today. Developers who work in the first person genre, Cliff Bleszinski, John Gibson, and Kynan Pearson were asked what they would do if they were designing Half Life 3.

While Gibson though that Valve should use the money the company have from Steam to take big risks in creating something special, he also revealed that story has to be important:

“Beyond that I would focus next on giving the players a great story. A great story is what separated the first two Half-Life games from their competitors, and the same should be true for Half-Life 3. Finally I would set a priority for having enjoyable moment-to-moment gameplay, because if the main gameplay loop isn’t fun then nothing else you do in the game will matter.”

Cliff Blesinzski, the CEO of Bosskey Productions had an eye on the HTC Vive and what it could bring to the game:

“With the amazing HTC Vive, it wouldn’t surprise me to see something in the Half-Life universe on that platform as a way of making it happen for the eager crowd,” Bleszinski wrote. “Remember when Steam launched (poorly) with Half Life 2 and you HAD to have Steam? I could easily see Gabe and co doing something similar. Heck, the most spectacular first demo on the Vive (if you haven’t seen it, spoilers) is a scene that is slowly revealed that you’re in Aperture Science labs (when Glados showed up I was equally thrilled as I was terrified, she’s HUGE in person/VR!). So my ‘money’ is on something to make the killer app for the Vive, similar themes of science, new setting.”

Kynan Pearson had plenty to say, which can be read on PC Gamer’s article, but most importantly he understood how important it would be to outdo the previous games:

“For Half-Life 3 to be successful it needs to be a great game, but competing directly with or trying to outdo those games one their own playing field would be extremely difficult and costly. Half-Life 3 needs to be risky, revolutionary and memorable.”

It is well worth reading the article, which is lengthy and goes into much more detail. I’m sure plenty of other developers have ideas for Half Life 3, as do of course the gamers who want it released.

Do you have any thoughts on what the game should include? Let us know in the comments section below.