Battlefield 5 Listing Claims WWI Setting, October Release

This would not be the first time we have picked up rumors and alleged leaks regarding Battlefield 5, but it certainly is the first retailer listing for the supposed video game. Although it could turn out to be nothing but a placeholder, it does have some additional information for us.

The listing, which is in German language, says that it is a multiplayer shooter set in the era of World War I which is certainly interesting for some of us who have been looking for a different take on the series.

Not only that, this is similar to what a fan poll had suggested if not the same. Some time ago people were asked what era would they want Battlefield 5 to be set in, and the most popular choice was World War II. Although WWI takes us pretty far back in terms of weaponry and technology, it will definitely be a fresh take.

Moreover, the listing claims that the game will be released on October 25, 2016 which is, guess what, a Tuesday. For those who don’t know, Tuesday is the day when major games are usually released, so we have got that in line too.

Sadly that is all – no images accompany the listing but it is early for that as well.

In the past we have heard of something called Battlefield Armageddon too, and some people actually speculated that the two World Wars were nothing short of an armageddon as well. Whether these two are the same or not is yet to be seen, though.

Before that, some alleged details of the game were also leaked, but the only thing that came from the official sources was that a team is definitely working on Battlefield 5 at least since the mid of December,and that the game is surely going to be released this year.

Source, Wog.