Street Fighter 5 Taking a “Favorable Situation” Now, Says Ono

Despite having issues, Street Fighter 5 has managed to draw the attention of eSports fans at Evo by breaking records, however it still didn’t manage to do better than Street Fighter 4.

Capcom has been working on the issues that put the game in this situation since day one, and now it appears that things are looking up for them. Yoshinori Ono, the veteran game producer took to his official Twitter profile with notes of apologies to the community.

Not only that, Ono-san went on to promise that the game is coming to a favorable situation now.

This would naturally bring up questions; what exactly has changed now, how is the game in a “favorable situation,” and when will the changes be incorporated into Street Fighter 5?

On that front, Ono did not give any specifics but promised that they will soon announce details about the next patch for the game. You guys will have to wait for a “few days.”

The netcode, server stability and quitters are some of the issues that need to be addressed alongside slowdowns, crashes and above all, the lack of content. Note that we are not including censorship in this list purely because we are all but sure that Capcom doesn’t consider that an issue they need to resolve.

Street Fighter 5 came out about ten days ago.