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Rocket League Retail Version Announced, Will Be Something Special

Rocket League is one of the most popular new games we have today. It quickly rose to success after its release on PS4 and PC. It is also available on Xbox One now and the madness it offers continues. The game was available as a digital download across the board but Rocket League retail version is also announced.

The news was revealed via Colin and Greg live show on Twitch and was later posted on the game’s Facebook page. The developer said: “We’ll make sure the retail version is special. Stay tuned for more details!”

This means that the retail version is going to be worth buying. It will most probably feature free DLC content, car skins and other stuff like this.

In other news, Rocket League season 2 changes were recently revealed. Many fans do complain about not feeling a sense of progression in Season 2. Developers are going to address this issue by adding a Division Indictor to the mix along with your skill tier.

There are five tiers (Division I, II, III, IV, and V) in each Skill Tier. Each of them represents roughly 20% of the skill range in that tier.

You can head over here to know more about the changes with Season 2 update.