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Pokemon Sun and Moon Games Rumoured to be Coming

Today has been an interesting day for Pokemon fans, just a day before Nintendo Direct. It looks like Pokemon Sun and Moon will be new games being revealed tomorrow.

The first appearance of the rumoured games came from NerdLeaks who not only discovered the new trademark requests for both Pokemon Sun and Moon, but also the artwork for the game.


As you can see from the trademark requests appeared on the EU Trademark website. The two logo images can be viewed below.



Nintendo are due to hold a Pokemon Direct event tomorrow, where it is likely that these games will be announced.

This reveal of the two games may have spoilt the surprise that the company were hoping to reveal. What we do have to remember though is that until they do confirm the news, this is merely speculation until the big reveal.

It will be interesting to see what is revealed tomorror, as the company look to the future of Pokemon. As there was speculation that Pokemon Z would appear on the Direct feed, could these games overshadow it? As Pokemon Z itself is a rumoured game though, these two may be what is actually being revealed, and that one may not appear at all.

With this year being the 20th anniversary of Pokemon there are many celebrations taking place. Will Pokemon Sun and Moon be something a little special to go with such a significant year?

Let us know your thoughts on these leaks in the comments section below.