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Nintendo NX Dev Kit Secrecy Debate Rolls On

A few days ago we reported on comments by the developers of Ori and the Blind Forest about the Nintendo NX. It appears to have started quite the Nintendo NX Dev Kit debate.

The comments made by Moon Studios director Thomas Mahler caught the eye of former Sony Strategic Content Division head Shahid Ahmad who commented:

This led to the Nintendo NX Dev Kit debate in the replies to his Tweet that raised a few interesting point. One very good point is that the people who do have these kits are likely to not reveal this fact due to the NDA contracts that they would have to sign:

He also revealed though that the PlayStation 4 strategy for Dev Kits was to release “tons” of them, a strategy that appears to have worked well for Sony:

So what can we make from this debate? That we don’t know much about the Nintendo NX and for now Nintendo don’t want us to. Developers are more than likely working on games for the new console, and right now we don’t know about them, even though there are plenty of rumours. Will this stop people from second guessing Nintendo’s actions around the new console? Probably not.

What are your thoughts on the latest Nintendo NX Dev Kit debate? Let us know in the comments section below.