Latest Dark Souls 3 Trailer Shows a Lot, Dual-Wielding, Bosses and More

Dark Souls III players have a lot to look forward to in 2016 as Dark Souls 3 gets ever closer to release in April. The highly-acclaimed RPG series by From Software smashed onto the stage in 2009 with Demon’s Souls, which rapidly became infamous for its difficulty and unique system of dying and respawning.

Its spiritual successor Dark Souls gained even more critical acclaim with its more refined system, and catapulted From Software to one of the most highly anticipated creators of RPGs.

Dark Souls III will bring a wide variety of new mechanics to the table, along with refining some old ones as it draws off the success of 2015’s Bloodborne.

Among one of these mechanics will be the game’s dual-wielding system, which became a vital part of gameplay in Bloodborne.

New Dark Souls 3 trailer, released today, shows the player character dual-wielding weapons at numerous points, including a flaming halberd being used alongside a battle axe.

Prior to Bloodborne, dual-wielding weapons had not been recommended with full-sized weapons like swords or axes, instead shields were recommended for most builds unless you were going for a gimmick run.

With Bloodborne’s trick weapons, specifically weapons that required dual wielding such as the Blades of Mercy and Beast Claws, and its sword-and-gun combination of combat; dual wielding seemed to be fairly refined.

That system will carry over to Dark Souls III, allowing players to create such builds without requiring them to turn into gimmicks such as dual-wielding spears or shields. Instead, such weapons will only take up a single slot, though players will still have to press both shoulder buttons to attack with both blades.

Enemies will also be able to dual wield, with at least one boss, the Dancer of the Frigid Valley, possessing two swords that she will use in concert while battling you. Do watch Dark Souls 3 trailer for yourself and let us know what do you think about it.

Dark Souls III will release in Japan in March, with a worldwide release on April 16.