Far Cry Primal PC Video Settings Revealed

Far Cry Primal may have already been released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but not on PC yet. Today though we have the Far Cry Primal PC Video Settings.

With only a small delay, Far Cry Primal PC will be coming March 1. Players will be hoping that this port from the console will have some nice upgrades for the PC, and more importantly run well.

Today WCCFTech have revealed the Far Cry Primal PC Video Settings so that prospective buyers of the game can see what new toys they will have to play with:

As you can see from the screen shots, is that everything seems to be in its place. The second page of settings (the Quality Settings) is where the main changes can be made and will be the ones that decide how the game performs. With WCCFTech stating the game runs “quite nicely” then this is hopefully a good sign.

Ubisoft don’t have the best history with PC ports, as we know from Assassin’s Creed Unity. To be fair to the Far Cry series though, this move from console to PC have been smoother and impressive.

With Far Cry Primal already looking impressive on the consoles and running at a steady framerate, hopefully the PC version will run just as good. It seems the framerate for the PC isn’t restricted to 30fps and can even be run at 4K so that should look fairly spectacular. We’ll have to see just how well it runs when the game is released though.

What are your thoughts on the Far Cry Primal PC Video Settings? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.