Explore Mount Targon with New League of Legends Details

Riot games want you to explore Mount Targon, and have provided plenty of details about the location. Along with this are details on Pantheon, Leona, Diana and 2 hidden Champions.

On a new website for Mount Targon Riot Games are providing the story of the League of Legends peak, which can be found in Runeterra:

“Mount Targon is the mightiest peak in Runeterra, a towering mountain of sun-baked rock amid a range of summits unmatched in scale anywhere else in the world. Located far from civilization, Mount Targon is utterly remote and all but impossible to reach save by the most determined seeker.

Many legends cling to Mount Targon, ranging from tales of blazing warriors imbued with incredible powers falling from the sky to battle monsters, to fantastical tales of gods and their celestial abodes crashing down to form the mountain. Some legends even go so far as to claim the Mountain itself is a sleeping titan of antiquity.”

Describing Mount Targon as the “a beacon to dreamers, madmen and questors of adventure” some of the Champions who may fit this bill were revealed as Diana, Leona, and Pantheon, as well as the others still to be revealed. Here are the details on the three champions who will explore Mount Targon with you:

Diana Scorn of the Moon

Bearing her crescent moonblade, Diana fights as a warrior of the Lunari, a faith all but quashed in the lands around Mount Targon. Clad in shimmering armor the color of winter snow at night, she is a living embodiment of the silver moon’s power. Imbued with the essence of an Aspect from beyond Targon’s towering summit, Diana is no longer wholly human, and struggles to divine her power and purpose in this world.

Leona the Radiant Dawn

Imbued with the fire of the sun, Leona is a warrior templar of the Solari who defends Mount Targon with her Zenith Blade and Shield of Daybreak. Her skin shimmers with starfire while her eyes burn with the power of the celestial Aspect within her. Armored in gold and bearing a terrible burden of ancient knowledge, Leona brings enlightenment to some, death to others.

Pantheon the Artisan of War

The peerless warrior known as Pantheon is a nigh-unstoppable paragon of battle. He was born among the Rakkor, a warlike people living on the flanks of Mount Targon, and after climbing the mountain’s treacherous peak and being deemed worthy, he was chosen to become the earthly incarnation of the celestial Aspect of War. Imbued with inhuman power, he relentlessly seeks the enemies of Targon, leaving only corpses in his wake.

Be sure to read the site for more details on the location and the Champions so that you can prepare to explore Mount Targon.

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