EA Sports UFC 2 New Game Modes Detailed

EA Sports has revealed the EA Sports UFC 2 new game modes. This includes modes that are designed to bring more action to the game.

Looking at the EA Sports UFC 2 new game modes, one of the most interesting is the Knockout Mode. Instead of allowing the matches to be taken to the mat, this is all about the stand-up fight with an aim of scoring a knock out.

Other modes include Custom Even Creator, where you’ll work as an event organiser and create the dream fight card you’ve always wanted. Online Championships pit you against real people around the world in a Title Chase.

Live Events are based on actual UFC events that are coming up. This will give you the chance to pick your own outcome by taking to the Octagon and making it happen. This mode will feature in-game rewards and will feature leader boards to create a Fantasy prediction game.

As with most other games, one of the new EA Sports UFC 2 new game modes will the Create a Fighter. This is where you’ll build a character from the ground up. This includes GameFace which will allow you to take your own picture and put it onto your fighter.

These modes are previewed on the video which you can see above. The knock out mode is the obvious stand out mode, which puts a certain level of urgency to the battle. Some UFC fans may not like the fact that it appears to pull submissions out of the fights though.

What are your thoughts on the EA Sports UFC 2 new game modes? Let us know in the comments section below.