CS:GO Major Price Pools are Raised from $250,000 to $1M by Valve

The growth in investment into eSports grows, especially from Valve. The CS:GO Major prize pools will be raised from $250,000 to $1M by Valve.

This news is being reported by MCVUK who reveal that the increased prize pot will be first introduced in next month’s MLG Columbus event. No doubt this will be a popular move for those who are taking part.

The Major event is sponsored by Valve and will see $500,000 being offered to the winner of the tournaments taking place. Valve are sponsoring a total of four tournaments so far this year with operators ESL/ESEA, DreamHack and MLG.

Along with the Major prize pools announcement, Steam will also be running the Minors championship circuit. This features, not surprisingly prize pools that are smaller, with less of a prize. It is a chance for people who have not made it into the Majors to get into competition though. This will be open to people who have not competed in the Majors in the last six months.

The report says that the $1m prize pool was a highly requested thing from players and fans, especially with the higher pools seen in Valve’s own Dota 2 tournaments (which stands at $3m right now). This gives tournament winners the grand prize of $1.5m.

This price increase is a sign of how companies like Valve are taking eSports even more seriously and are willing to invest lots of cash into them. This should help in keeping the “sport” strong and letting it grow to even greater heights.

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