Universal Windows Apps May Be Coming to Xbox One Soon

Universal Windows apps should be coming soon to Xbox One. Other than Cortana though we don’t actually know what these apps will actually be.

Reported on Windows Central that Microsoft Insider, Satya Nadella has confirmed that the universal Windows applications (UWA) will be coming soon. Though exactly when has not been revealed yet.

What we can speculate about these apps is the fact that it will in theory bring Windows 10 Apps like Readit, Baconit, Tweetium, and other apps to the console. The fact that Phil Spencer has recently re-confirmed that keyboard and mouse support is coming will no doubt help these apps be used.

With keyboard and mouse support, would Xbox One users want to use Microsoft Office applications too? Obviously if there was a need there from users then Microsoft will obviously make them available. For users it will also make it easier to access apps that they’ve not been able to use in the past.

What would this mean in the “console wars”? Probably not much, though in theory if some games were treated as “apps” they would be able to be brought to the Xbox One even easier. Obviously though goes to PC games such as League of Legends and DOTA with this. Again this is speculation of what Universal Windows applications could bring to Xbox One.

We’ll have to see what Xbox reveal about the UWA system and what it will mean for the Xbox One and PC. For now, the most important part is finding out just when Universal Windows Apps will finally come to the Xbox One.

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