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Would you try a Resident Evil Burrito?

Have you ever had the desire to try a Resident Evil Burrito? While the answer is probably not, Capcom have revealed their latest concoction in Cooking with Capcom.

In the first episode of the show, which will probably stay at being this one video you can see how the Resident Evil Burrito was made. This was made with the help of Cantina Camitas who say they are fans of the Resident Evil games.

The Resident Evil Burrito themselves are made up of rice, slow-cooked pork, cheese, salsa, and beans. The most worrying addition though has to be some of the T-Virus sauce. Neil Gorton, the UK Capcom Community Manager gives the burrito a try, and so far he appears to have stayed in the world of the living.

While this video is obviously an advertisement for the HD remakes of the Resident Evil games, it is still a fun look back to the popular zombie games. With rumours of another Resident Evil being made it is also good to keep the games in fans memories. Though I do doubt that fans will forget the franchise which still proves to be very popular.

While the ingredients of the Resident Evil Burrito have not been fully revealed, would you try them? I’m not sure exactly what is in the T-Virus sauce, and I’m not sure we are meant to know but I’d give it a try.

What are your thoughts on Cooking with Capcom, would you like to see further episodes? Let us know if you would taste a Resident Evil Burrito in the comments section below.