The Division 60 FPS PC Gameplay Trailer Shows off Impressive Graphics

Ubisoft have revealed their The Division 60 FPS PC gameplay trailer. Featuring many of the PC buzzwords, they obviously want to show off what the PC version can do.

In the blog post to accompany the trailer they also further emphasise the important graphical features coming to the PC version of the game:

“The Division team has just released a brand new trailer that features 60 FPS (frames per second) gameplay from the PC version of the game. The trailer also shows off some technical wizardry, showing how special effects like volumetric fog, dynamic global illumination, weather particles, realistic reflections, and more bring The Division’s dilapidated New York City to life.”

With an emphasis on what the PC version can do, this feels like an attempt by the company to emphasise that they are not in fact holding back the PC. Obviously looking at this new The Division 60 FPS PC gameplay trailer, it looks impressive enough to prove that that is not the case.

What is worrying about the PC release though is the fact there is no delay on the release, and it will be coming March 8, the same day as consoles. With the PC version having issues with cheating in the Beta version, could it do with some time to further strengthen the system against this?

No doubt Ubisoft are confident that the game will be ready for release, and would not give us a broken product. Though as we know from experience, this has not often been the case.

Are you impressed by The Division 60 FPS PC gameplay trailer? Let us know in the comments section below.