Star Wars Battlefront Space Battles May Be Added, EA Teasing?

There are many things wrong with Star Wars Battlefront but there are many great elements as well. However, a major disappointment for many of us was the lack of space battles in the game.

Star Wars Battlefront is getting new content like maps, modes etc in the coming months. The next expansion is coming in March while the very last one will release in early 2017. But before the last expansion arrives, one of the most iconic locations is being added to the game. Yes! we are talking about the Death Star.

Death Star expansion will release in Fall 2016 and it gives EA an opportunity of adding Space Battles in the game. EA hasn’t confirmed or shared anything about it, but it looks like it may be a possibility.

The official Star Wars EA Facebook account was asked if there are any plans of adding space battles. The account replied by asking us to keep an eye out for future announcements they might make.

It is hard to tell if it was a tease or was EA trolling us. The confusion was further increased when the Twitter page later said that space battles are not something they are working on for THIS release.

Right now, we have nothing concrete to go on and we can only speculate. Let’s see what EA has planned for Battlefront in the coming months. Hopefully,  Star Wars Battlefront space battles is on the agenda.

Would you like to see space battles added to the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Reddit