SMITE Growth is Amazing, Can It Compete Against LoL and Dota 2?

League of Legends and Dota 2 have been around for a long time and both of them have pretty much killed most of the other competitors in the same genre. The sheer scale of these games is extraordinary, millions of players play League of Legends and Dota 2 on a daily basis.

However, it looks like there is a third-player in town.

The game we are talking about is none-other than SMITE. It is quickly gaining popularity and you’ll be amazed to know that around 1 million new accounts were registered between 1/14/2016 and 2/22/2016.

The major advantage this game has over League of Legends is availability of a range of different platforms. It is on PC, Xbox One and was recently announced on PlayStation 4 as well.

It also uses a third-person camera view rather than the old-school top-down angle. Third-person view is getting more and popular thanks to SMITE. We have seen Ubisoft use it in For Honor and Epic Games is using it with Paragon. All games are similar to each other and all of them pose a threat to League and Dota 2 registered account numbers.

A huge number of console gamers would like to see LoL and Dota on their platform, and SMITE provides a very decent alternative. Current number of registered accounts stand at 14 million, and the number has grown by 4 million since last August.

We are only expecting further growth as more and more players on different platforms get exposed to SMITE. Both Valve and Riot need to think about this moving forward. Is it time to bring their games to consoles? Well, the problem is that they can’t until there is proper keyboard support for both Xbox One and PS4.

This means that SMITE will become an even bigger threat to LoL and Dota 2 is the coming years. We are not saying SMITE can banish these games but judging by how fast SMITE is growing, the impact will be noticeable at this rate.