PlayStation App, PlayStation Messages Get Update v3.20 Today

You might not like the idea of a the PlayStation App being split into two thanks to PlayStation Messages, but Sony Computer Entertainment plans on keeping it this way with continued support. Both the apps are getting updated today.

The official Twitter profile of PlayStation Europe sent out the announcement that they will be rolling out Update v3.20 sometime later today.

Update v3.20 for PlayStation App and PlayStation Messages goes live today, improving quality of performance & adding useful new features.

While stability is good, that is probably the only thing that has been improved over the past, and users have been wanting to get more features like better community support and not just more stickers.

Other than that, people want better functionality like responsive notifications which has been a nuisance for many. Ever since PlayStation App and PlayStation Messages were split up, people have complained about getting notified for messages very late after they have been received.

However, Sony has not shared a detailed changelog for the Update v3.20 which means we will have to wait to see what will be changed today.

That being said, do you think there was ever a need to create an independent app for messages? Wasn’t everyone content with having all things PlayStation packed into one app i.e. the PlayStation App? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.