Playstation 4 Sales Will Achieve 100 Million Milestone, Analysts Predict

Sony’s sales lead seems to be continuing its reign of dominance, as it is predicted to reach 100 million mark in consoles sold in the next five years.

The Playstation 4 sales had been getting a more positive reception ever since its announcement back in 2013, as a more preferable alternative to the then-hated Xbox One with its many privacy-invading, highly unpopular policies.

That, coupled with the Playstation 4’s greater graphics (1080p resolution and the capacity to go at 60 frames a second) made it a much more popular console from the outset than the Xbox One.

The Playstation 4 also has a wider variety of good console-exclusive games, such as last year’s survival horror smash hit Until Dawn, along with highly anticipated games such as Team ICO’s The Last Guardian, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Hello Games’s No Man’s Sky.

The PS4 also holds a wide selection of indie games, such as Ronin, BroForce, Not A Hero, DayZ, Enter the Gungeon, and ARK: Survival Evolved.

Sony’s homeland has also been a reason for PlayStation 4 sales being ahead of the Xbox, as Microsoft has no significant presence over in Japan and thus the Playstation 4 is the console of choice for many Japanese gamers. Due to this, many more obscure Japanese titles are only available for the Playstation 4, leaving the Xbox with less games overall.

Market analysts have made the forecast that Sony will hold a dominant position in the gaming market for the next five years, with the forecast goes all the way to 2020. The market will change, however, with the increasing rise of digital distribution and away from physical copies.

How and if Sony’s dominance over Japan will change when Nintendo releases its NX console later this year is another thing to consider, as Nintendo is just as popular and also has its home territory in Japan.