New Uncharted 4 Trailer Coming Today? Or is it Some Announcement?

We are not sure what it meant when we were told that the motion capture of Uncharted 4 had been restarted so late into the game’s development, but maybe we will find out today if it was supposed to be a bad news or a good one.

This is so because Sony Computer Entertainment is teasing some sort of a reveal or announcement regarding the game. They have made a tweet on the official Twitter profile of PlayStation with a photo of Nathan Drake making way through a thick forest with a rather intriguing caption that reads:

Are you ready to seek your fortune.

This is accompanied by a rather less cryptic message reading “February 24th, 9AM Eastern” which obviously means we should be glued to the screens in about six and a half hours from now.

Of course it could be anything, but Uncharted 4 doesn’t have a lot that would still require a special reveal like this one which makes us think that maybe Sony Computer Entertainment is planning on releasing yet anther trailer for the game.

However, wishful thinking wants me to say that maybe the have been working on something special that might be shown off to us in less than seven hours from now.

Do tell us what you think this is about, and also check back with us at 9AMM Eastern Time to get our scoop on the news.