Hideo Kojima Warns Against His Statements Being Misreported

Hideo Kojima is one of the most iconic game developers we have in the market, and that has been true since way before the Konami debacle gave hype to his name. being misinterpreted and misreported is nothing new for people like him, especially when they have been in the middle of a very sensitive situation.

Not being a native speaker of English adds fuel to the fire and he gets mistranslated as well. Apparently, some of his recent remarks on the past events have had the same treatment; the situation got aggravated back in Japan when his words were mistranslated back in Japanese and gave off a different meaning to what he had intended.

As a result, Hideo Kojima has taken to his Twitter profile with a statement warning people against his statements being moulded into subjectively written stories – he has been pretty vocal at DICE Summit recently.

Since his Twitter is in Japanese – and this being a story about the very issue of his remarks being misreported or mistranslated, let us give you an online translation (not our own) as well as the original tweet below:

I was interviewed abroad. Through an interpreter nuance is difficult to convey, especially if one is not native in both languages. Articles written subjectively by the reporter are published. Some have deviated from our real intention at this point in time. Those articles have been also mistranslated in Japan. Also, every time there are headlines with altered content to make money on the number of hits.

So without going into details regarding who did what, let us reiterate that it is best to wait for the officials to clarify a tricky situation before jumping the gun based on subjectively drawn information.