GAME Quantum Break Exclusives Revealed

The GAME Quantum Break exclusives have been revealed, though with a few differences. Based on the UK and Spanish GAME offerings, it looks like gamers in Spain are just ahead in pre-order incentives.

Looking at Game UK and Game Spain the deals include a steel book release (exclusive to GAME) and the chance to get the Alan Wake games on digital download. This includes the main game, the DLC and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

Giving Spain an edge though is the T-shirt that comes with their offer with the GAME Quantum Break exclusives. Not a decision maker really, but it is interesting to see that GAME stores in difference countries have different offers.

Also worthy of note is the fact that the PC version cannot be pre-ordered from GAME. As we know, the game is an exclusive to the Windows 10 Store. This of course also blocks it from being purchased from other services such as Steam.

The Windows 10 release of Quantum Break, which also comes with the Xbox One version has proved to be controversial. A sign of Xbox One exclusives no longer being as exclusive as many fans want them to be, this has not proven to be such a popular move.

Now that the game is nearing its April release it will be another of those games much like The Division that has seemed to be constantly in development but is now finally coming out. Will it live up to expectations?

What are your thoughts on these GAME Quantum Break exclusives? Let us know in the comments section below.