Rocket League Season 2 Update Preview; Division Indicator, Skill Tier Changes

New Rocket League Season 2 update is around the corner so to give us a heads-up, devs have shared a preview of the upcoming changes and improvements. All of them are based on player feedback so those getting their wishes should be satisfied with the next update.

While we are having a blast playing Rocket League right now, many fans do complain about not feeling a sense of progression in Season 2. Developers are going to address this issue by adding a Division Indictor to the mix along with your skill tier.

Now things will be much more visible in terms of where you stand.


There are five tiers (Division I, II, III, IV, and V) in each Skill Tier. Each of them represents roughly 20% of the skill range in that tier.

You will progress subsequently between them with I being the lowest and V being the highest.

For players in the highest skill tier, instead of seeing a division number, you will see your actual Skill Rating regardless of if you are in the Top 100. Your skill rating will also appear on the League Rankings screen so you can easily gauge how far you have to go to reach the Top 100.

Players in the Champion Tier are getting solutions for two notable problems:

  • The Champion Tier includes too wide of a range of player skills, and lacks the aspirational goal of reaching “Platinum” in Season 1.

  • Players in the Champion tier, but outside of the Top 100, have no way to gauge how far they have to go to reach the leaderboards.

To deal with the first issue, developers are expanding skill tiers in order to add more distinction at the highest levels. New Skill Tiers include Champion, Super Champion, and Grand Champion.

Under the new Tier:

  • Champion (Rank 13/15) contains 0.21% of all current Competitive players

  • Super Champion (Rank 14/15) contains 0.10% of all current Competitive players

  • Grand Champion (Rank 15/15) contains 0.07% of all current Competitive players.

The update will release in the near future.