Quantum Break File Size on PC is Huge, 44 Gb on Xbox One

Remedy Entertainment’s upcoming third-person shooter Quantum Break will require a significant chunk of your platform’s memory when it releases on April 5.

Quantum Break File size has been revealed to be 55 gigabytes on PC, and 44 gigs on Xbox One.

A posting for Quantum Break on the Xbox Store let Xbox gamers know how large the game would be, before being quickly removed, most likely due to the game not being anywhere close to being out yet.

In its place the store shows that the game will only take up 106 metabytes of data, though in my opinion the first number is much more plausible, especially when any game nowadays requires at least several dozen gigs of data.

Xbox players are most likely going to have the advantage in this sort of situation: most Xbox Ones for sale at the moment are part of the 500 gigabyte or 1 terabyte deals that provide more memory space for the console to handle games (especially the terabyte Xbox).

With PC players having to buy larger and larger hard drives to get more memory, PC players may find getting Quantum Break to be a bit more expensive than they realize.

That is, unless they’re willing to go through the trouble of uninstalling all of their other games or their computers were already ready for the game beforehand.

Whether the idea of Quantum Break taking up so much memory will cause another controversy on the same sort of levels as when it was revealed to not be exclusive to the Xbox remains to be seen.

Hopefully, however, the game will be good enough to make the large amount of required memory worth it. Remedy’s previous game Alan Wake looked good for its own time as well and was positively reviewed; hopefully Quantum Break is too.