Persona 5 Promises New and Better Things, Social Link System Discussed

With Persona 5 due to release some time this year in Japan and North America, anticipation for the Shin Megami Tensei spinoff is high.

This is especially true after the runaway success of Persona 4 and its rerelease Persona 4 Golden, which rapidly shot to the top of many peoples’ “Best Game Ever” lists for its colorful and unique cast, unique gameplay, and great story.

Persona 5 will be taken in a different direction when it releases this year, going from fictional towns and cities to a more real-life approach. Unlike Persona 3 and 4, which took place in the fictional city and town of Iwatodai and Inaba, respectively, Persona 5 will take place in Japan’s capital city of Tokyo.

Atlus also aims to take the setting of “Phantom thief” as far as they can, with each dungeon being unique and fun to play, and with the game’s tone being a mix between the contemporary drama of Persona 4 and a new, more flamboyant way of entertainment in fitting with the story’s theme of breaking out of shells.

The game will also feature a different take on the series’ by-now famous “Social Link” system, where players could interact with certain NPCs in order to strike up relationships with them and help them work through their hardships, which would also allow players to unlock more Personas.

Persona 5 will also feature a wide cast of characters, including Ryuji, who inspires the protagonist to become the “phantom thief”, Maki, a quarter-American girl, Morgana, a feline character similar to Persona 4’s Teddie, and Yusuke, a new character only recently revealed.

With all of Persona 5’s trailers and teasers so far receiving a great deal of praise and excitement, the wait for Persona 5 to finally hit store shelves may be agonizing for many.